Large emoticons (full size images) for the AtomJump Loop Server
AtomJump Loop Server Version: >= 0.8.1
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Git Clone


AtomJump Loop Server >= 0.8.1


- Tap on the 'Upload Icon' at the bottom of any Atomjump popup.
- Scroll down the page to find the available emoticons.
- Tap on an emoticon for a new message with that emoticon.

You are free to add further emoticon sets into the 'icons' folder. They should be put into a named subdirectory, which will automatically be read. Images can be either .jpg or .png.

Credits and Future

Credits:  These icons are from
Future: We may want some form of limit on the number of visible icons here, perhaps expanding by subdirectory name.


Unzip or git clone into the folder: your-loop-server/plugins/emoticons_large

cd your-loop-server/plugins/
git clone
cd emoticons_large/config
cp configORIGINAL.json config.json
nano config.json

Set the

"serverPath": "/your/server/path/here/", //path to your AtomJump Loop server
"staging" : true //true for staging, false for production version of config

Add the string "emoticons_large" into your-loop-server/config/config.json plugins array to enable the plugin. e.g.

"plugins": [