AtomJump Loop Server Plugin to create a live wiki using a wordcloud.
AtomJump Loop Server Version: >= 0.5.1
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For your Loop Server:
AtomJump Loop Server >= 0.5.0
AtomJump Loop >= 0.5.1 and the API (Use: /api/)

For your LiveWiki:
PHP >= 5.3
bower ([optional] for local js/css files)

Using LiveWiki

You can add and remove any number of forums quickly at the bottom. Then start typing in each forum and communicating with your fellow team members.


A demo is available at


This plugin should be put on the client website (not in the AtomJump Loop server plugins directory), and it is best as a front-end to a full install of AtomJump Loop Server

After installing the loop-server, from your intended livewiki home directory:

git clone .
cd livewiki
npm install wordcloud
[Optional] bower install atomjump
cp configORIGINAL.php config.php 

Now edit the options in config.php. If you included your own bower install, include the local relative paths.

nano config.php    [edit with your preferred text editor, and save]
chmod 777 data/words.json