Live Wiki

Organise Your Thoughts
The AtomJump Live Wiki helps you see and discuss your organisation live at a glance.
Built for companies
We can host and tailor the live wiki to suit your company. We don't lock you in: all the source-code is available for free.
Flexible forums
Create new forums, and highlight or hide existing forums. Document your thoughts as you go.
Try a live demo
You're most welcome to add forums or add comments to this sandbox.
Up to 100 live users
Your own PC / server E.g. Windows, Mac, Linux
Unlimited forums
Optional remote support ($64 to arrange)
$ 18 per month
Up to 100 live users, burstable
Shared VM server
Unlimited forums
On your domain / intranet
$ 60 per month
Up to 100 live users
Dedicated VM server
Unlimited forums
On your domain / intranet
$ ? per month
Unlimited users
Large scale clustered servers
Unlimited forums
On your domain / intranet
Note: All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. As a guide NZ$18 = US$12
Optional Add-ons
Description Self Setup
AtomJump Setup
Secure Domain Secure encrypted connection e.g. (domain not incl) $0 $30 / year
Company-wide Keyword Search Enter 'dt [yoursearch]' to search all your company messages at once. $0 / month
$70 setup + $3 / month
Password Protected Homepage Uses basic Apache protection $0 $45 setup
Automatic VM backups Regular backups of your whole LiveWiki drive $1.50 / month
$1.50 / month
Admin User Configuration Allows the admin user to set individual forum passwords $0 $45 setup
Restrict Access Limit the access to your LiveWiki server to a range of IP addresses that you specify $45 setup
$45 setup
Configure a Domain Configure your http domain to point at your LiveWiki. $0 $45 setup
Database Export E.g. weekly export of the database as SQL. Note: you will need SFTP access. $0 $1.50 / month or $15 1-off
10GB Additional Disk Space You can purchase this at any time. 5GB Initial space.
$1.50 / month
$1.50 / month
Modify the Look and Feel Colours / Font / Background photo supported $0 $45 / change
Plugin Configuration Add / remove AtomJump Messenger standard plugins $0 $70 setup / change
Custom Plugin Configuration Add / configure non-standard or custom plugins $0 $300 setup / change
Item Specification
Timeframe You can expect up to one working day (Monday to Friday) before your basic order is handled.
We may need to question you via email to assist with configuration.
Low-end monthly services (< NZ$5 / month) are paid for annually.
Trial All orders have a 7 day free-trial period to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service.
Cancellation The service can be cancelled at any time, without additional fees.
Renewel This is done monthly, automatically, via our payment processor
Refunds If you are unhappy with the service please let us know and, on agreement, we will refund the current monthly fee. If not, you can also follow these NZ Government suggestions to raise an ISP complaint.
There is also a complete list of terms, that explains our relationship with you, and what content you can and can't put on your LiveWiki.