Privacy Policy is a particular instance of the AtomJump Messaging Server product, and is maintained privately by the non-profit AtomJump Foundation, of New Zealand. includes a demo that is intended for sampling the software.

While we do our best to maintain private as well as public messages on, we cannot guarantee that a given private message will actually be private. You therefore use this software at your own risk when it comes to private messages or password protected forums. How we try:

  • We use a secure ‘https’ server which encrypts any communication between the browsers/apps and the server.
  • Whenever legally possible, we will make it clear if any monitoring is taking place, but currently to our knowledge no organisation is monitoring our private messages.
  • By making the software open source, we hope any bugs that provide inappropriate access to private messages are spotted early and removed. However, this is not a guarantee, and bugs may still exist.
  • We will never sell or give your private messages to any third party, unless we are legally required to do so.
  • Messages are currently flagged inactive, rather than being fully deleted from the source database (although anyone can delete any message visibly). However, you should be warned that deleting a ‘public’ message may not hide it completely, as other third party servers may have already copied the message.  There is a default 20 minute grace period before third party servers have access to the message. Additionally, there may be backups of the database at AtomJump’s end which still include that message.
  • We can only access our internal servers through secure communication lines.
  • We will never purposely sell, reuse, or publicly show your email address, and this is only for the purpose of notifications from forums via private messages, or forums that you own.
  • Your password is stored in an encrypted fashion within the database.

But these factors are out of our control:

  • We comply with all local laws, and if e.g. police authorities request information that we are required to give, we will do so. Our message database is currently centered in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are a New Zealand non-profit society and have most of our staff in New Zealand.
  • Any public messages on forums may be monitored by anybody or any program around the world. Therefore, you should expect any ‘public’ messages outside of a password protected forum, to be considered publicly released, once sent. has a default 20 minutes grace period before other servers have access to the message, which allows time for the message to be deleted.
  • Our data servers are self-hosted in New Zealand and other secured locations, and are protected by video monitoring, but people with access to the hardware or other hackers could potentially gain access to our servers.
  • If you don’t log out of your account on a public computer, your email address and account access will likely be visible to the next user. Please remember to log out correctly.

It is our recommendation that if you want private messaging, you should download and set up your own copy of on your own private servers/network. This software is free and open source. Please keep in mind that if you want true security, however, don’t write your messages on a phone or computer, full-stop! Abusive or Violent messages forums are self-monitored in the sense that anyone can remove any other person’s messages.

We monitor messages manually for abuse, although our resources are limited in this sense. While we do not currently monitor in an automated fashion; other than filtering English swear words, we reserve the right to do so, and reserve the right to filter out particular users from the system.

We do not tolerate abuse on our servers, and if there are significant problems, we will simply shut the service down.

If you wish to report abuse, you should visit this forum to help us identify who is responsible.


Peter Abrahamson
Founder AtomJump